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Classes & Community

Classes & Community

"Are you tired of searching for high-quality classes and REAL community all over the internet?  I built The Studio so that all the classes, resources, and community that you need to uncover your creative style is all in one place, with new lessons delivered to your inbox every single week."

~Liz Kohler Brown

Here is how we'll uncover your creative style...


The growing collection of 50+ classes on iPad illustration, surface design, lettering, and passive income for artists will show you all the creative paths to choose from, and let you try them on for size.


In this private (and super-active!) member's forum you can share your work, ask questions, and connect with other artists and designers around the world.

Live Sessions
Live Sessions

Every month we have one Studio Session and one Studio Critique where members can draw together in a live-tutorial setting and get advice about their creative goals, artwork, and strategy.


In Studio Chats you'll hear from both professional artists and designers, and Studio Members of all levels in one-on-one chats with me.  All members can apply for a chat where we can discuss your style, goals, and questions.


Inside The

Take a peek inside the membership so you know exactly what to expect when you join.

Is The Studio for you?

✦ Are you stuck in a creative rut, where you perpetually sample other styles rather than finding your own?  

✦ Do you feel like your patterns look like everyone else’s? 

✦ Are you looking for answers to questions about running a successful print-on-demand shop?

✦ Do you wonder how some designers create a recognizable style that helps them sell their work?

✦ Are you having trouble "cracking the code" on how to get started with art licensing?

If so, then The Studio is where you'll find answers to all of your burning questions!

Liz Kohler Brown

Liz Kohler Brown

Artist | Designer | Author | Creative Maximalist

“Inside The Studio, artists and designers uncover their creative styles through classes, live sessions, and resources for marketing and selling your art.”

Who is this membership for?

✦ Creatives who love drawing on their iPads and want to get new inspiration, brushes, and classes every month to keep their creative juices flowing.

✦ Artists/designers in a creative rut who want to experience motivation and community from other creatives around the world.

✦ Anyone with an iPad who is trying to find their style and sell their work. This membership is the resource I wish I had when I was searching for my style!

What Members Are Saying

"Thank you Liz for this membership and all of the insightful classes and resources. I have gotten so much out of being a member, it has really changed how I feel and work when making art. It was just what I needed!"

Annette Ooyevaar

"I'm working through the Uncover Your Style Workshop, and I'm so relieved to have some concrete steps to take to figure out what I like and where to begin."

Jamie Walton

"I wanted to say thank you Liz for this platform, what a great opportunity to connect and learn along other creatives. I have just finished the layout class and found it so helpful, can't wait to learn more and share my work."

Surbi Chetty

500+ Resources

500+ Resources

In The Studio, you'll have access to all of my 500+ (and growing!) resources including:

  • Procreate Brushes

  • Digital Textures

  • Workbooks

  • Affinity Designer Assets

"Procreate brush sets like these sell for $20+ each on sites like Creative Market.  When you join The Studio you'll get instant access to all the brushes + super-fun project-based tutorials on how to use them."

Liz Kohler Brown

50+ Classes

50+ Classes

The classes cover a wide range of art and design topics, including:

✦ Pattern Design

✦ Illustration

✦ Lettering

✦ Selling & Licensing Your Work

✦ Marketing for Artists

What areStudio Sessions?

What are
Studio Sessions?

  • For these (live and recorded) sessions, I plan a project and provide some inspiration and resources like reference images, Procreate brushes, or pattern templates. 

  • These are relaxed, informal sessions where you can follow along as closely (or as loosely!) as you like, feeling free to ask questions and show your work-in-progress as we create together.

  • I will be creating in either Procreate or Affinity Designer, but you can use any app or medium you like.

  • The projects are based around trending themes and formats, and special requests from Studio Members.

What areStudio Critiques?

What are
Studio Critiques?

✦ Studio Members have the opportunity to share their work with me via their social profiles, websites, or image files to get feedback.

✦ We get together in a live call and talk about ways to grow and improve.  It's okay if you can't come to the live session though as I'll still review your work in the call.

✦ You could ask for specific advice, for example, "How can I get started with art licensing?" or ask a more general question to help guide your path like "Which style should I be focusing on right now?".

What areStudio Chats?

What are
Studio Chats?

  • In these recorded one-on-one chats I sit down with either a member of The Studio for a "member chat" or a professional artist/designer for an "expert chat".

  • In the member chats, I work with a member of The Studio to establish a plan for achieving their goals.  We troubleshoot things that aren't working, and develop a clear plan for moving forward without uncertainty.

  • In the expert chats, I ask designers and artists who are successfully selling their work about their path, strategies, and "industry hacks".  These are a favorite of Studio Members!

  • Recent Chats include:

    • Getting Your Work Into the World with Peggy Dean

    • Watercolor and Digital Art with Amarilys Henderson

    • Licensing From the Ground Up with Shannon McNab

    • Mindy Young aka Indybloomdesign on Spoonflower Success and Licensing

Studio Calendar

Studio Calendar

✦ New iPad art & design classes

✦ Monthly live drawing sessions 

✦ Monthly live critiques

✦ Monthly podcast style interviews and coaching sessions

✦ Monthly tutorials and resources on iPad art and design, marketing for creatives, and selling your work

✦ Monthly drawing challenges

Hear from a member:

Hear from a member:

"I just loved the simplicity and beautiful results from the block print live class. It took a while to get used to the Linocut brushes, but was worth the practice. This is the beginning of my Stella Maris, Star of the Sea collection."

Michelle Lewis

There's a seatfor you in The Studio

There's a seat
for you in The Studio

When you become a member of The Studio you are taking a seat beside me so you can see my processes, learn how I sell my work, and make progress on your journey to developing your own creative style.

Tour The Studio

Tour The Studio

I created a tour and map of The Studio so you'll know exactly how to find what you're looking for!

We Support Artisans

We Support Artisans

Each month The Studio helps support artisans in developing countries in buying supplies and equipment that help them grow their businesses and support their families and communities.  These are a few of the artisans we supported this year with a business loan.

What MembersAre Saying

"This month I launched my basic portfolio site AND I was able to set two new collections live on Spoonflower today thanks to all of Liz’s amazing pattern courses."

Wyoming Vogel

"Big thanks to Liz for all the great POD makeover classes. I've used so much of the info you shared, including using ChatGPT to help with a lot of the copy and tags."

Diana Fayt

"Pleased to have added 3 more designs to my safari friends prints collection and made them available for sale on my Etsy shop. Definitely taking Liz’s advice about working in collections going forward and time blocking."

Kate Frances


The "style finder" Guarantee

"If you get inside The Studio and feel it doesn't have what you would need to uncover your style, we will refund your whole payment, no questions asked!  You have two full weeks to try it out and see what you think!"


~Liz Kohler Brown

Join the Studio

Get immediate access to the 50+ classes, live and recorded sessions, and Studio Community. 



best value for long-term members

$280 (equals $24/month)* 

*With this option, you're getting 2 free months compared to paying monthly.



best low-commitment way to try it out

$28/month (equals $336/year)*

*With this option you can cancel anytime or take a break when you need to.

What Members Are Saying

"I love using the layouts, thanks so much for this class and resources. I can't imagine going back to my old pattern method of just winging it. I'm so much happier with these patterns that look/feel better organized."

Amie Murray

"I joined this week, and I must say I'm so impressed by how everything feels like home!"

Marisa Gulli

"Thank you so much for taking the time to review my Zazzle shop in your POD series! I learned so much! Your POD series has been so I just need to implement what I've learned!"

Becky Volk

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does The Studio take each week?

The Studio is structured so that you can use as much or as little as you need each week, and everything is available in your library, so you'll never "lose" any content if you don't watch it immediately.

Typically I send out about 1 hour worth of video each week, so if you want to watch every single video, I recommend putting aside at least 1 hour a week for The Studio.  However if you need a week off, of course you can watch the content later!

If you want to do more than an hour a week, I also create weekly drawing prompts and have a class library of 50+ classes in The Studio, so you'll never run out of inspiration!

Some weeks will feature live drawing sessions, live critiques, or conversations, while others will feature full length classes or short tutorials on iPad art and design topics.  So you'll get a variety of resources and information throughout the month.

What classes and resources are included in the membership?

  • The library of 50+ classes and future classes that are exclusive to the membership.

See All the Classes Here

  • Monthly Studio Sessions which are also like "classes" but will be slightly more informal and include some live interaction as participants share their work, ask questions, and enjoy creating together!

  • Monthly Studio Chats (podcast style conversations between Liz and an expert or Studio Member)

  • Monthly Live Studio Critiques where Liz reviews work submitted by Studio Members

  • Weekly drawing prompts

  • Special series like the Print-On-Demand Makeover Series where I help new and experienced print-on-demand sellers get more sales through SEO, marketing, and strategic design.

What will the Studio Sessions be like?

I will bring a project idea and some downloads to help get you started, then we'll all work on the drawing together.  You can follow along as closely (or loosely!) as you'd like, ask questions, show your work in progress, and sip on your favorite drink! 

I'll be drawing in Procreate, but you can use any app or traditional media that you like.  Downloads and resources for this event will be posted sent to members via email a few days before the session so you have time to plan your project!

What if I am a total beginner?

Studio Members have access to a large library of beginner resources including my Procreate Beginner's Class, Procreate Workbook, Affinity Designer Foundations, and many other beginner friendly classes that will help take you from fear to flourishing!

Can I cancel my membership if I change my mind?

If you get into the membership and realize it isn't right for you, no problem!  You can cancel any future payments through your account settings, no questions asked, no back-and-forth emails about why!  Just an easy "Cancel" button.

I will also be taking suggestions for topics though, so if you feel like the membership is missing something, let me know and I may be able to make it happen or help you find it.

I'm not creative/I can't draw. Is this membership going to help me?

Studio Members have access to a large library of beginner resources including my Procreate Beginner's Class, Procreate Workbook, Affinity Designer Foundations, and many other beginner friendly classes that will help take you from fear to flourishing!

How will you choose the class topics?

When you become a member, you'll have the chance to fill out the New Member Survey where I'll take recommendations and requests for classes and topics.  I'll be pulling from those and trending art/design topics for all future classes.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

All Studio Sessions and Studio Chats will be recorded and available in your member hub shortly after the event.

When will my membership renew?

If you choose the yearly option it will renew once a year, and if you choose the monthly option it will renew once per month exactly one month from the day you signed up.

How much direct contact will I have with Liz?

The main reason I created this membership is to have direct contact with the creatives around the world who watch my classes (that's YOU!).  So I designed three ways for us to interact in the membership:

  • Live drawing sessions where we'll work on a pre-planned project together, sharing and chatting as we work.

  • The forum where I'll be available to answer questions, look at your projects, and give feedback when you ask for it. 

  • The Studio Chats where members have the chance to sign up to be considered for a recorded video call with me where we'll discuss whatever you need help with (portfolio reviews, marketing for artists, making money from your art, etc.).

So whether you want to ask a quick question or do a more in depth discussion, I'll be there for you!

Will your new classes be exclusive to the membership?

In this membership I will be creating exclusive classes that aren't available elsewhere.  The Studio members will have exclusive access to my new upcoming classes, resources, and live sessions.

All of my old classes that are on Skillshare are also inside The Studio, so when you join The Studio you get access to everything new and old!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes!  We have a "style finder" guarantee:

If you get inside The Studio and feel it doesn't have what you would need to uncover your style, we will refund your whole payment, no questions asked!  You have two full weeks to try it out and see what you think!

You can email us at to request a refund.

How is this different from Skillshare?

On Skillshare you will find a lot of my older classes, but starting in January 2022 all new classes and tutorials (as well as the live events mentioned above) will be exclusively in The Studio.  So anyone who wants to watch all my new classes and interact with me live will love The Studio!

Note that on Skillshare some classes may be filmed in older versions of the apps, whereas in The Studio all new classes are in the newest versions so you can stay up to date on app updates.

What I love most about The Studio is that it includes live events where we get together to discuss your work and create together, which is a hands-on aspect I wasn't able to offer on Skillshare!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact me at help(at) if you have any questions that aren't answered here!