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Non-Member Questions

I can't find the course I signed up for. Where is it?

You can find the Procreate Foundations course here and the Affinity Foundations course here.

If you haven't signed up for one of these yet, you can find them here:

  • Procreate Foundations Signup

  • Affinity Foundations Signup

What is this Studio Membership I keep hearing about?

You can learn all about The Studio Membership here.

What classes are inside The Studio?

You can watch all the class trailers inside the class catalog here.

Member Questions

Q: How can I upgrade my membership from monthly to yearly?

Monthly members who have realized they want to stay in The Studio long term can quickly and easily upgrade their memberships to a yearly plan to save money. 

If you are paying the current membership price (i.e. you didn't join at an earlier time when the prices were lower) you can upgrade in your Account settings here by:

1) Clicking on Purchases at the top of the page

2) Clicking Change next to your membership

3) Choosing the The Studio Yearly Membership

The system will automatically apply the price you have already paid for the month to your yearly plan so you aren't double paying for any days.

If you're paying a lower price:

You will upgrade to the yearly price that was in place when you signed up, so email us at in order to upgrade to the correct price level!

Q: When will my membership renew?

A: If you chose the monthly option at checkout, your subscription will renew once a month one month from your last payment.  If you chose the yearly option, then your subscription will renew once per year on the day of your original signup.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: We offer no-questions-asked cancellations in The Studio.  You can cancel you membership inside your account settings anytime.

Note that if you sign up later, you will sign up at the updated price of the membership, so once you cancel you lose access to whatever current pricing you have locked in now!

Q: Why am I not getting emails about new content in the library?

A: When you joined the membership, you should have started getting emails each week about new lessons and resources available in The Studio.  If you aren't getting those, please email us at and we'll fix it for you!

The Classes

Q: I can’t find one of the classes/resources. How do I search all classes?

A: You can use the search function in The Studio library to enter any word related to the class.

This Studio Map is also helpful for finding your way around.

Feel free to contact us at though if you have trouble finding anything!

Q: What are some beginner friendly classes?

 A: For beginners, I recommend starting with Procreate Foundations here.  Once you watch that class you'll see a list of suggested classes to watch next.

Or you can search the catalog here and filter by level!

Q: Can I use the brushes and resources for projects that I'm going to sell?

A: Absolutely!  You can feel free to use the brushes for personal or commercial use.  Of course, I ask you don't give away or sell the resources themselves, but anything you make on your own device is fair game!

Other Stuff

Q: Who is on The Studio team?

You can learn about our whole team here.

Q: What if I have more questions?

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, post them in The Studio Community or feel free to email us at

Feeling Lost?

Feeling Lost?

Come take a tour of The Studio with Liz and get a downloadable map of the membership.